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Our HSEQ Policy reflects the commitment of Senior Management to continuous improvement of health, safety, environmental and quality performance, and forms the minimum standard upon which our company sets its objectives.  It is the driving force for implementing and improving our management systems with an aim to preserving and improving our performance and service.


It is our intention to achieve continuous improvement for all of our business activities and to maintain and grow our position within our scope of operations with an objective of becoming a leading provider of safe and cost effective integrated services.  We will do this by providing safe sustainable services with health, safety, environment and quality being an equally high priority in all our business decisions.  We will make it our ongoing mission to protect the environment from the impact of our activities at sea, on land and in the air and by preventing pollution incidents and efficiently using resources to minimize adverse environmental consequences.


By our continuous commitment to high quality standards, we will aim to ensure ZERO;


  • Incidents
  • injury to persons
  • oil spills
  • impact on the environment



Policy Statement   



This Policy forms a statement of the principles that guide our daily operations and establishes how we expect management, employees, service providers, clients, visitors and company representatives to act in accordance with the law and applicable company policies, procedures and guidelines.


This Policy applies equally to all employees whether temporary, permanent, office or site based, as well as service providers, clients, visitors and company representatives. In brief, all persons who have an association with the company




  • Maintain a work environment which promotes the health, safety and well being of all our employees and business partners.


  • Systematically and continually improve HSEQ performance to the greatest extent possible and strive to influence our business partners to do same.


  • Ensure on-going compliance with all applicable legislation,mandatory guidelines, codes, standards and other relevant industry requirements.


  • Understand current and future customer requirements in order to ensure delivery of the highest possible quality, safe and environmentally friendly service.


  • Apply a risk management philosophy and practice that primarily aims to identify and eliminate hazards wherever possible, and where this cannot be reasonably achieved, implement appropriate control measures to manage the risks at a level that is as low as reasonably practicable.


  • To adopt a systematic approach towards communicating lessons learned throughout the company.


  • Provide sufficient and suitable resources to implement, maintain and continuously improve all aspects of our MS.


  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of all employees and provide them with adequate training, as well as opportunities to advance their careers.


  • Engage all personnel   by   understanding their responsibility, authority  and accountability towards quality.


Set targets for:

  • Health, safety,environmental and quality protection and measure and monitor our performance against these targets;


  • Identify, document, monitor, measure and continuously improve the quality and safety of our business processes;




Company management is responsible for ensuring that the standards set forth by this Policy, documented guidelines and procedures are communicated to all employees and that their own conduct sets a good example in this respect.


Continuous Improvement

This Policy is reviewed annually by Senior Management and revised as necessary to reflect changing operational conditions, new technology, government policies and legislation.





Coral Energy Management


Date:   8th August 2016